Our school is selling National Date Festival Fair tickets. Our last day to sell is Friday, February 9th while supplies last. The cost for advance ticket entry into the fair is $10 for adults, $8 for children (ages 6-12), and $9 for seniors. The season pass to enter the festival is $25. The bracelet, which covers the cost for unlimited carnival rides, is $22. Please stop by the office if you would like to purchase tickets.

Principal's Monthly Message

Our English learner students will begin the ELPAC test this month of February. Eighty-two (82%) percent of our students are considered English learners, and they are required to take this test. We will have a parent informational night that will explain the importance of the ELPAC, as well as provide an overall understanding of its components on Thursday, February 8th. Please join us so you can be informed about how this test impacts your child, as well as our school. This is a very important test! If you have questions about this test, or about whether your child is an English learner, please contact Ms. Noelia at 760-848-1783

We are closely monitoring our student attendance and we are not meeting our goal of having at least 95% of our students in school on a daily basis. Our average attendance rate for the month of January was 94.6%. We notice there is an increase in student absences on both Mondays and Fridays. Send your child to school, unless he/she is sick or there is a verifiable emergency. Did you know? If your child is absent two times a month, that is 10 times a school year, which is already considered chronic absenteeism. Every day of learning counts! We work hard to maximize your child’s learning, and each day your child is absent affects his/her learning. Please work with us to improve our attendance rate!

As you have continued to notice, our solar panel construction project continues in both our staff parking area, as well as north playground. This is an ongoing project that is set to be completed little by little. We continue to ask for your support, especially in the mornings during drop off times. Our staff parking area continues to be off limits for the most part, and we have limited parking for our staff. We encourage you to drop off your students at the drop off area and not take any of the limited parking areas along the sides of the streets surrounding our school. Doing so allows our staff to use those spaces for parking. We hope this project is completed soon so we can all return to normalcy. The end result will be solar panels, as well as shading for both of the mentioned areas.


Bighorn Golf Club Grant

Thank you to Mrs. Rivera, our assistant principal, who worked with a volunteer grant writer to obtain $7,500 in funds for our school to purchase playground and PE equipment. Mrs. Rivera attended a dinner event, where she was handed the check from the Bighorn Golf Club Charities. We are thankful of these funds and will continue to seek opportunities to supplement our funds through opportunities such as this one.


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